Sunday, December 19, 2010

UConn Women Basketball Streak

I have been a fan of the UConn women basketball team for several years. I live in Indiana so the coverage here is not great but has gotten better over the years thanks to the CPTV online and ESPN. The woman's game does not get the respect it deserves period. What they can do on the court is amazing I watch them and in awe. I wanted to play basketball in school but am to shy to play in front of people.

What they did today in winning their 88-straight game will never be matched in my opinion, just like the UCLA men's record will never be matched. The two should not even be compared to each other different game, era, everything is different even the ball.

Just respect what they have accomplished and enjoy what is happening in the women's game. Publicity like this is good no matter the team or if it's men or women doing it. It is simple an amazing accomplishment.