Monday, February 6, 2012

Cougar Town Why You Should Watch But Refuse To.

Cougar Town is a comedy show on ABC. Without even telling you the premise the title has probably thrown you off. Well shame on you. It started out as a 40 year old divorcee single woman roaming the town looking for young strange. Turned out to be one of the best shows on television in the last 10 years.

The dynamic of the cast is beyond words. The writing is better than it was in the first episode, which is an understatement. The directing is outstanding. The show doesn't stunt cast save for the few FRIENDS and Scrubs alum which is excepted.

They have moved past the Cougar part of the title and became something special to watch and enjoy. Who doesn't love wine a little to much. Neighbor's who are your best friends. Crazy blonde who will do crazy things for attention. Paper Buddy turned lover. Ex-Husband who is a screw up, with a big heart. Kid who for whatever reason never goes to college. I wish I had any or all of that in my life, would make it that much interesting and enjoyable.

I can't even beginning to tell you how awesome, funny, warm heartfelt this show is. I have been a fan since the beginning wasn't turned off by the title, wasn't a fan of it either. Came for Bill Lawrence stayed for Wine Time.

I'm just a fan trying to get the word out for this show. They say don't judge a book by it's title. Well i'm asking you to do the same thing here. Give it a shot. The only thing you will be disappointed in is that you haven't watched this show grow from the first episode.

Season 3 premiere's Feb 14th. at 8:30 on ABC. Watch Cougar Town and then go out and celebrate Valentine's Day. If you like the show then spread the word, hell even if you don't like it spread the word. I got my aunt and best friend watching. Ever bit will count. We don't want another Work It fiasco do we?