Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Future of TV...Netflix.

Ten years ago I never thought I would say that network TV as we used to know it is all but finished. Cable networks are currently king however in 5 years they will be dethroned. Cable networks will still be relevant especially to Broadcast networks but the Netflix's, Amazon's, Hulu's and I am betting the iTunes' of the world will be king and they will be on top to stay. There are many choices now to choose from but I believe those will be the important ones to the future and maybe just maybe Redbox will find it's way into that list. As they have started to do streaming online as well although it is to Verzion customers...for now.bu

When Netflix first started their DVD rental service I believed it was only a matter of time before they took down the Blockbuster's of the world. Where I live there were a couple small video stores that alone with Blockbuster also went out of business. Never did I imagine that Netflix would start streaming shows and movies online. I had never heard of such a thing. I knew you could buy or rent through iTunes but what Netflix wanted to accomplish was so much bigger and bolder. Older shows and movies that I thought were all but lost or never heard of. Shows that may never see the light of day on DVD or an audience that it deserved. 

Netflix also gave people what they really wanted. The right to choice what they watch, how much they watch and most importantly when they watch. No more of this Monday's at 10:00 on so an so's network. If someone had never seen Mad Men for instance but don't have AMC then they could watch all of the seasons at their own pace. 

Netflix also changed the landscape when they decided to get into original programming. The first being Lilyhammer. Which was a relative hit and is looking at starting a 3rd season. But the real test was getting something big. It was announced that Netflix had beat out the Cable network competition and received the licensing rights to House of Cards. Staring 2 time Oscar winner Kevin Spacey. Created byBeau Wilimon who also is Oscar nominated for Ides of March. The price tag was huge, the gamble was bigger. A gamble that I would say has paid off. The reviews were great, subscriptions were believed to have risen. The Emmy's showed the love as well. Whether or not they can take any awards home is a whole different conversation.  

$7.99 a month is a bargain. Movies, TV shows, Kid shows as well, rights to stand up comedy acts now. Considering that most movies in theaters now are close to $10.00 or more in some areas. It is not financially possible for a family of 4 to go out to the movies anymore.  Streaming is the future. It can only get better from here on out.