Sunday, May 26, 2013

This is a fan talking about Arrested Development.

*Don't read if you haven't seen ALL 15 episodes*

It's Sunday May 25th, 2013 something happened today that I never imagined would. We were granted 15 episodes of Arrested Development. 7 years after FOX cancelled it the little show that could returned this time on Netflix. I can remember the day the show debuted thinking it would never last. I was right, I was off by 2 and a half years but none the less. I believed it was ahead of it's time, some people wouldn't get the fast pace of the show, catch all of the jokes. When I watch season's 1-3 now I still catch something new each time. It is that good, it is that layered.

The show came out during a time I really needed to laugh. My dad was diagnosed with Melanoma cancer about 2 months before the debut. He would die during the middle of season 1. I continued to watch all the episodes as well and recording them on a VCR (google it). I would rewatching them multiple times but once the show got cancelled I stopped. I felt like when it got cancelled a family member died. I know a little extreme but it felt that way. So over the course of 7 years I would tell everyone who would listen to give the show a chance. Even though I hadn't went back and watched myself.  Then the talk of a movie might happen I thought I will believe it when I see it. I still feel that way but feel a little better about getting more episodes. So in 2011 when it was announced there will be new episodes I was was overjoyed and a little sad. I knew I was going to have to go back and watch a show that had some bad personal memories attached to it. So 2 months ago I started my voyage. My worries about remembering my dad's death and this beautiful show going together strong.  Instead what happened was in a way I started to heal. I don't know why its been 9 years. But that's what happened. He didn't even watch the show. I tried but parents they have a mind of their own. So I went through the seasons and then again and again. I watched multiple times in order then random. It held up over time perfectly. I was very happy I could have my show back without any bad memories of his passing.

So at 3:00am eastern time I blue myself as a woman it was a little bit more difficult.  I was like a kid at christmas I couldn't get enough. Seeing my old friends was great. The same running jokes and gags were fantastic to see. A dysfunctional family at it's best. Even the episodes that felt a off the jokes were rewarded episodes later. The each cast member being the focal point for each episode took a little to get used to. I ended up really liking it. Although more Buster next time. I was a little disappointed in no chicken dance, Franklin or Hey Brother. But I can get past that. There were new gags Parmesan Cheese and Mustard made me gag just watching GOB eat it. Buster's new very large hand. There are many more but those are 2 of my favorites. Loved seeing some of the guest stars return. Ed Begley Jr, Henry Winkler, Scott Baio, Martin Mull just to name a very small few. New guest stars Isla Fisher, Kristen Wiig and Seth Rogan. I was confused as to why they felt the need to have Kristen and Seth play a young Lucille and George Sr. considering in the previous seasons they were played by Jessica Walter and Jeffery Tambor. But that was something I can look over...kinda.

In short it was great to have the show back and with Buster being arrested at the end it set up another season? The long rumored movie? I will take whatever I can get of this show. It was well worth the wait.

P.S. I'm not a writer so if there are mistakes I apologize.